iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Coming Soon from Luca Todesco? Stick with v. 10.1.1 and More Important Things to Know

Despite Team Pangu’s silence on a possible iOS 10 jailbreak release, the chance remains that a cracked version of the latest Apple mobile operating system will be provided to the public soon. Likely, it will be based on version 10.1.1 of the OS and the creator will be independent developer Luca Todesco.

As it appears that both Pangu and TaiG have followed the route earlier taken by Team Evad3rs and opted out of the jailbreak scene, there appeared one glimmering hope for the next JB tool. Thanks to dev Ian Beer, iOS 10 is now thought to still contain exploits for possible unlocking of the software.

Beer’s scrutiny of the Google Project Zero bug report revealed of a kernel and root exploit found on iOS 10, specifically present on version 10.1.1. The discovery somehow confirmed the earlier findings shared by Todesco – that jailbreaking has quite a slim chance once version 10.2 is made official (already happened) and that the best chance for a jailbreak is remaining on version 10.1.1 of the OS.

So with a jailbreak opening identified but still no word from Pangu and TaiG, Todesco now seems willing to do the work for them. Obviously inspired by the Project Zero bug, the hacker said in a Twitter post that a full jailbreak can indeed be created with the exploits kicking off the project.

“There is a high chance I will take up whatever Project 0 drops and write a full jailbreak on top of it,” the iOS security researcher was reported by as saying in a Twitter post.

But Todesco hastily qualified his declaration, the same report added. “What I will be doing is provide a path on top of Ian’s (Ian Beer) code that removes his post-exploitation post.” That’s saying that the finalized jailbreak could still resemble that of the last JB tool from Pangu – possibly semi-tethered and requires jailbreak re-processing following device reboot.

To be clear, Todesco, while raising hopes for a jailbreak release to happen real soon, has not committed on specific timeline on when his JB tool will be made public. But as noted by the same iDB report, this latest development at least indicates that a jailbreak work is now underway but minus the confirmation of an actual release date schedule.

And one more thing to note, Todesco is not stopping iPhone and iPad users from getting the latest iOS version, which is 10.2, but he made clear that sticking with version 10.1.1 or lower provides the best chance of having a taste of the next jailbreak release, and the likelihood is it might be limited to the 64-bit device models.

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